Image above was taken on Carnival Breeze prior to its inaugral cruise and delivery. The time is around 11.30pm in the theatre watching the relentless rehearsal of the opening shows.  At this point the ship was still in the ship yard at Monfalcone (Italy) https://www.fincantieri.com/en/  .

In order to be a leader in a field you must do something every day. Here is project #3652019 posting an image each day. Each image has its own story and learning.


THE RIGHT SUBJECT – Working witht the right subject is important to the shoot going well. Experience helps however sometimes natural expresions and natural un-rehersed poses can be iconic. This shoot was a mix of several people working together … make up, catering, photographers and venue hosts all making the atmosphere condusive with a win win for all.



Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 00.18.34

#image3johnthompson ( MoMA NYC )

FOR NO REASON – Here is an image taken on a visit to MoMA in NYC. There was no reason I took this shot. There was no set up or thinking. Sometimes I like to randomly shoot without focussing or thinking and be surprised when checking out my work in editing. Looking at these shots gives me a challenge to edit and make something of them. I have learnt a lot about movement, lighting and focussing whilst taking shots for no reason.

screenshot 2019-01-03 at 22.29.22

#image4johnthompson ( Monte Carlo, Café De Paris )

300mm PEOPLE – A 300mm (or 200mm) lens can get you some great people images. I like to get out my big lenses in crowded locations like London, Barcelona and Miami. There are interesting people and fashion shots you can achieve in unique locations. In some locations where there could be securuity and respect issues it is sensible to be aware of how your shots and shooting could be percieved by others. When using a large lens you could look like an undercover cop or secret agent in public spaces.

screenshot 2019-01-04 at 10.15.15


ENVIRONMENT – I find it helpful to frequent quirky artistic hotels, restaurants and locations to experience others creative efforts. The ACE HOTEL NYC  is a location where if shooting in NYC you can enjoy the lobby to edit and organise images or even plan your shoot schedule for the day.

screenshot 2019-01-04 at 11.46.28#image6johnthompson ( Alligator Alley )

HDR – Some settings work well with HDR shots. This was a shot taken from a moving car (around 60mph) with 3 images taken and woven together. It turned out really well without much altering. The light was bright as you can see it was a sunny day and 13.00pm in Florida. The cloud was the main feature and dominates the image with a colourful lower third.

screenshot 2019-01-05 at 01.28.39

#image7johnthompson (Katz’s NYC)

One thing that makes photos stand out is famous locations taken at different times of the day. Katz,s Deli in NYC LES famous for sending salami to troops in WWII “Send salami to the boys in the Army” and of course “When Harry met Sally” scene. This busy icon has also a great interior for taking images.




#image9johnthompson Biscayne Bay Miami 

Early morning sunrise taken from Marriott Biscayne Bay 25th floor.


#image10johnthompson Wynwood Walls – Photo Shoot with Edin Chavez 

Models and Bottles with the great and good of Miami photographers. Getting together with other photographers in a social setting shooting professional models is a great way to learn.

screenshot 2019-01-08 at 01.14.24

#image11johnthompson “shirt”