Black and White

New York was built on black and white images. Historically the early images where all black and white making the shots dramatic and memorable. Black and White focusses your attention on the content of the image making the backdrop of the city stand out.

Black and White draws the attention to the elements that are important.

29th and Broadway is the iconic hipster hotel “Ace Hotel New York City” which is its full title. Many call it the Ace however employees refer to the hotel with its full title.

The lobby of Ace Hotel New York is a hub of Apple users and coffee snobs ( meant tongue in cheek ) enjoying the wi-fi and dim lighting. You can loose yourself in this lobby and get a lot of work done. The Lobby has a different feel depending on the time of day. In the morning it’s a hub of fresh perky individuals moving to conversationalists throughout the day. As the sun goes down it slowly turns into a night scene with many creative events.

Union Square – just passing on a hot day with my 75mm-300mm and snapped this shot.

Great thing about NYC is there are natural poses all around. For this person it seemed the day was just too hot to handle and taking shade under a tree was the right thing to do.